Take your research & innovation ideas to the next level

i-Future in science is a powerful research trend analysis tool to predict future research directions and opportunities and take a research and an innovation idea to the next level. It is empowered by smart tools to discover and visualize emerging research trends, pinpoint specific research topics, identify and analyze top collaborators with impact, uncover fund opportunities, and showcase the most active journals, institutions, and countries in various research fields around the world.


Features & Benefits

Pinpoint Primary Research

Identifies and advances research topic based on the analyzed trend results. The results shown allow users to pinpoint the most active research topic. It will be generated in graphical display with three (3) different output or graphs based on documents and citations to indicate the impact.

Opportunities & Expertise

Helps users to identify available funds and experts in the research locally and internationally using i-Future which links to i-Funding and i-Experts tools. This feature can assist users to find their potential research funds and collaborators.

20-year Research Visualization

Visualizes the research trends with maximum of twenty (20) topics in 20-year period from scholarly output which consists of journal articles, conference proceedings and patents. Users can visualize the trends using these components which are research words cloud, i-Funding, i-Experts, top 15 journals, institutions and countries.

Words Cloud Visualization

Visualizes the deep understanding on the research trends. This tool helps to identify significant topics which are active in twenty (20) years and prepare them for the grant recognitions.

Key Players in Research

Identifies the topic of interest, finds top fifteen (15) researchers, institutions, journals and countries that have the highest contributions in the research areas based on the users' research interest. This tool can assist to find the best collaborator for their research.


Showcase Active Topics

Finds out the most active topics based on the number of articles and patents. It assists users to identify the research topic, strength of the institutions and determine their research directions in the future. All search results will then be tabulated and shown as maximum as twenty (20) topics in the graphical chart. Users can immediately view the results and customize the active topics to their preferences.


Factsheet | UDLedge

i-Future Factsheet 1.1

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