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i-Focus is the largest abstract and citation database of journal articles, conference proceedings and patents. It delivers a comprehensive overview of the world's innovation and research output without language boundaries. It is empowered by smart tools to search, discover, analyze and visualize scientific research with impact. It employs cutting edge technology to keep up-to-date on what already exists in the world of innovations and research to find out new knowledge and innovations to make the world a better place.


Features & Benefits

Simple Search

Allows users to quickly search specific publications by titles, abstracts, keywords, authors, affiliations, journal titles, patent numbers, and many more. i-Focus will intelligently categorize search input accordingly to make it accurate and hassle-free.

Advanced Search

Narrows users search using advanced search option. Choose keyword categories from the drop-down list menu, combine up to five (5) keywords using Boolean logic (AND, OR and NOT). Limits search period and other options to aid in finding specific publications.

Search within Results

Refines search results using eight (8) filters which are document types, keywords, inventors/authors, publication years, source titles, affiliations, countries and languages. Users can also use citation bar option to filter their search result based on previous five (5) years citations. Our search filters will generate results more precisely.

Results Analysis

Analyzes and evaluates research trends based on search result. This feature provides graphical information on document types, authors, keywords, affiliations, sources, years, countries and citations related to search results.

Result History

Stores all previous search results temporarily within a session. This function can save time and make it easy to go back to previous search results. The result history will be saved automatically in the users' accounts.

Citations Overview

Helps users to make a thorough analysis of the keyword search. Each journal article related to the searched keyword is tabulated to analyze their total citations and annual citations within five (5) and ten (10) year periods. From there, the system can show the journal article impact, influence and recognitions in scientific publications.


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